Making a update to existing Suscriptor in Mailerlite and Change Group



I´m facing some difficulties on figuring out the best way to update a suscriptor on Mailerlite.

The process i'm using is retrieving data from a google sheet, once a new row is shown, them i require to update the information of the suscriber (name and email are the same, but need to add new custom fields to it). The custom fields are already present but they don´t have any data in it still. So when it this specific suscriber files a form, the google sheet is automatically field and a new line shows with the custom fields i am required to update.

Also, this subscriber besides of updating their data we want to be able to move him to another group. This way they we know they completed one step and a new mail campaing starts....

Hope i was clear enough,

I just can´t figure out how this process can be done, can anyone help me please?


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Hey @Delarosa

You can use Mailerlite's Create a Subscriber with Custom fields Action event to populate their custom fields and use Update an Advance Subscriber to update the subscriber with the custom fields, also with the help of these action events you can specifically pick the list for your subscribers accordingly.

Further, as per your corner, we have updated your workflow, where you can create a new subscriber and update a subscriber on the basis of their presence in your MailerLite's account. KIndly remap all your required fields in your workflow.

Please try the workflow with the test submission and let us know if that works for you.



Hi, thanks for the reply. Sorry for taking so long in getting back to you.
I believe it worked. We made some a test and it seems to work, I will go thru more testing with our group. But very confident will work perfectly.
I had some questions. I noticed that a lot of tasks are consumed in order to activate this workflow.
I´m thinking its the search or maybe because it ran the first time and there where in the google sheet some rows already filled with the email field that were not present as suscribers in Mailerlite. And they all were added to the group with custom fields.

To understand, the tasks are counted by each data retrieved and later stored in mailerlite? I mean if I add a suscriber with only name and email. It would require 2 tasks....... in the case there were more fields it would require 1 task per field? Is that correct?

Or maybe with the requierement of search for suscriber in Mailerlite it requieres more tasks because needs to compare to Mailerlite datebase?

Thanks so far for all the help,