Making PSB suitable for marketplaces and platforms


It would be great for PSB to be used for marketplaces and platforms and have PSB automated for that. For now, PSB can be used for marketplaces by turning all providers into affiliate for their respective product so that they take commission of (1-our company's commission). This will require us to do a lot of manual work in order to generate the affiliate link, manually prepare it with the suitable commission rules, ensure that each link has a password (probably through UShort) so that other affiliates don't have access to the wrong link, and set up a customized free trial period depending on the customer's preference. I can also just pay the affiliates manually but that also seems like a hassle

PSB already automates the process of creating the product and plan, the affiliates sign-up page and anything that can be connected with Pabbly Connect, so that's most of the needed functions for a marketplace. Please let me know if/when something like this for a marketplace is possible because my current alternative is Stripe Connect and I would prefer to use PSB

P.S. I'm using UShort and protecting my links because I don't want someone to somehow interfere as the transaction takes place, become the new affiliate and takes the full commission. If there is a way to avoid that without UShort, please let me know. Thanks!