- Automation works when tested step by step but when put all to run together, it does nothing.


Hi everyone.
I've somehow managed to link and mirror subitems and items from multiple boards on but i'm now stuck in a weird situation.

In my automation, parts of it are automated by monday and the final steps, by Pabbly.

So basically what happens is the following:
When a subitem from the board A changes its status to "Ready to start", monday creates a new item in a different board (so far so good). At the same time Monday sends a webhook to Pabbly to inform it a subitem had its status collumn changed, so it runs a filter to see if the subitem status is equal to "Ready to start" and if the condition is true, it proceeds with the other steps.

By running each command manually, it works like a charm but when i leave pabbly to do it automatically, it works in 10% of the cases or less.
I've even tried to add a delay after the webhook but it didnt helped at all.

Someone can give me a hand?