Multiple Workflows Error Message - "country must be valid", "error": "Unprocessable Entity"


Hey Guys! I am seeing lots of error messages all of a sudden similar to the screenshot below. It used to work perfectly fine. Did something change? Any idea on what's going on...

Pabbly - Facebook Lead Form -> Go High Level

Task History ID: IjIxMDQ3NDI4NSI_3D
Step Name: HighLevel > Create or Update Contact
Task Error Detail:

"statusCode": 422,
"message > 0": "country must be valid",
"error": "Unprocessable Entity",
"traceId": "7b5dc4bdae757333521f9e466d4a6a89"


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Hey @vivid

As we can see from the GHL action step you have to pass the country code instead of passing the country name.

E.g. - For Canada pass CA