"New or Update Contact" Google Trigger


We need to be able to trigger google contacts whenever a NEW CONTACT is added. In our particular use case we don't to run the task every time a contact is updated. (though there may be some instances where we do).

The bottom line is that it would be ideal to have these two triggers separated... so you could use either of them... but right now it seems the only option is to use both, right?

I've created a filter to only run the action if a resource name does not already exist... for our action step. This works... but I'd rather not waste Pabbly resources or my tasks running the trigger every time there's an update. I ONLY want to run trigger with new contacts. Could we get these triggers separated? 🙏



Hey guys! I just wanted to follow up on this to see if you were able to figure anything out about separating New from Update.


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Hey @jord8on

As of now, New Contact and Update Contact trigger event is not possible to create separately. But we have forwarded your concern to our tech team and we will try to implement the same in our upcoming updates.

Meanwhile, you can post the request to add the trigger event here - https://pabbly.hellonext.co/

Our Integration team will look into it and add the trigger event accordingly.