OAUTH2.0 and SproutSend

Hi, I would like to se Pabbly Connect to POST and GET data from SproutSend. They have a concept of building an App within the account. They make available the Client ID and the Client Secret. The OAUTH aspect of the authentication has confused me. What would the Pabbly API call look like if I were simply posting a new contact (firstname/email)? https://apidocs.sproutsend.com/#introduction
I'm happy to build my own workflow and do not necessarily need a Pabbly built connector. My question was specifically about OAUTH capability in Pabbly Connect. Can you assist?

Supreme Verma

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Hey @troycoker08

We cross-checked the following concern but as of now, OAUTH is not supported on API by Pabbly. But we have a workaround for you please check the following steps -
  1. In order to make any call to the Sprout API, and to request your OAuth 2.0 access token, you need to register an application. Registered OAUTH applications are assigned a unique Client ID (client_id) and a unique Client Secret (client_secret). Make sure to store the Client Secret securely.

  2. If you are a developer you can take this to the Postman application it supports OAUTH 2.0 with the help of this you can also get the access token. By filling in the details mentioned in the screenshot. Use the Client_id and Client secret.

    -Make sure you have selected the Oauth2.0 in type -


  3. Now, you will get the access token by clicking on the get access token and then authenticate your application.


  4. And once you get the access token you can use the API endpoints.


**And you need to generate the Token every 5 days because it has an expiration of 5 days.