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Pabbly Connect Constraints

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Webhooks Rate Limit (429 Too many requests)

The limitation of "429 Too many requests" in Pabbly Connect refers to the maximum number of webhook requests that can be received in a 1 minute window on the account level. The system allows a maximum of 400 webhook requests to be received and processed in this time frame.

When this limit is reached, any further webhook requests will receive a "429 Too many requests" error. This means that the system is unable to process the request at this time due to the high volume of incoming webhook requests.

It's important to note that this limitation resets every 1 minute and the system will again be able to process up to 400 webhook requests in the next 1 minute window.

Webhook Size and Status Codes:

Field Input Value Constraint:

API Response Timeout Constraint:

API Response Size Constraint:
If your workflow contains a trigger or action that receives a large response payload from the API, then, you will receive the following error message in the workflow task history

"Response payload size (21657947 bytes) exceeded maximum allowed payload size (6291556 bytes)."

The API response payload must be less than 6 MB (6291556 bytes).

Best Practice:
Reach out to the relevant application support and report this issue to them and ask them to reduce the response either by filtering the records or sending data with some limits.

In case, you get the issue for Google Sheets: Get Row(s) action step, try to retrieve the data from your Google Sheet containing large data within a specific range instead of retrieving all rows or make use of Google Sheets: Lookup Spreadsheet Rows action.
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