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Hello, 1) Can you send emails before the next renewal reminding people that it's renewing incase they want to change or skip a subscription? 2) Can you set up a 4 monthly renewal option? 3) Can you set it up so all subscriptions renew on the same date each time? Or is it only renews on the day they sign up? Thanks.


Please find the answers in below points -

1) Pabbly Subscription Billing has an inbuilt Email notification system that triggers a reminder notification for a recurring billing automatically 7 days before the due date. So that the customers are aware of the charge & manage the billing at their convenience. Apart from this, it consists of various default email templates that are triggered for every activity in the system. For more info, please check this doc -

2) A plan can be created on a 4 monthly recurring mode in the below manner in PSB -


For better clarity, please follow the below links that will support understanding the concepts of Products & Plans in the software.

Documentation -
Video Tutorial -

3) Subscription renewal cycle depends on the transaction date as the system automatically generates the next billing date based on the first transaction date & further recurring is managed in automation in Pabbly Subscription Billing. Therefore, all subscription renewals on the same date & time will not be possible as it depends on the payment completion date. For reference, please check this doc -