Pipedrive find person does not return ID, what am I doing wrong


Hi there,

Trying to build a flow where I update a person in pipedrive after a row in a spreadsheet was added. I attached a screenshot. Is this a bug?

The person with a particular email can be found, the response doesnt include it's ID however, which I need for the next step. What can I do to fix this?


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Hey @bassie24

We looked into your Pipedrives' action step and it seems like after re-connecting the action it is working fine.

Kindly try again at your end and let us know if you face any further difficulties.


I'm experiencing the exact same issue.
I want to create an automation that validates emails from people I import from SalesNavigator via Leadjet and adds the validated email and Zerobounce status to two separate custom fields. (e-mail professionnel vérifié and ZBounce Statut)

created the trigger "new person created in Pipedrive"
I then tried to add a step to copy the email of the new person from E-mail field to "e-mail professionnel vérifié" field

I setup the "update person action in Pipedrive".
But the ID returned in this action step is an email. And, if I set up "update person with custom fields"the ID returned is the person "name".

Please help


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