Please add Fuction Hellosign by dropbox ?


Hi, can you augment the feature with dropbox hellosign to site:


Because it generates digitally signed documents with high legal value for the European market.

Similar to what you made here:

But that actually takes away from us complications of a legal nature and data retention which by law in Europe is mandatory.

Alternatively, if you have other solutions, you can indicate them to me so I will carefully examine them, but I repeat they must be compatible with the US and EUROPE market.


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Hey @amicici

Could you please briefly elaborate on your use case once, so that we can suggest you the applications accordingly?


Create automatic documents, enter A, B, C, in specific fields, exactly as you do with google doc, but which can be legally binding and can be signed for the European market, with full digital or electronic signature and which comply with the law for the GDPR.