Possibility to Localise Customer Portal


As the customer portals translation (eg German) is not complete, we would like to add needed textes ourselves - how to do so?

Vipin Mishra

Staff member
Hello @SchubiSu,

We would like to inform you that we have added the missing fields so it will work fine. Also, we have attached a Text file (.txt file) here, you just need to convert that file into the JSON then you can translate those field strings into the required language.

Please translate only those lines which have been marked by Asterisk sign '*' and the remaining lines are already translated so no need to rewrite those lines.


So, for this whole process first you need convert this Text file into the JSON then you can translate the fields marked by * and also make sure that the other fields does not get disturbed while translating.

For further queries feel free to reach us.

Vipin Mishra


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