Prefilling fields on the checkout page

When you create a checkout page, you get the URL of the checkout page which you can directly share with your customers to collect payments or you can embed it in your website or hyperlink under buy now button. Now, you can make some changes in the URL of this checkout page and have the fields filled out when your customer access the customized URL.

To add the parameter, you have to insert a question mark symbol(?) at the URL and start adding parameters. To add more than one parameter, insert "&" symbol after the first one and the second one.

Normal URL:

Customized URL:[email protected]&country=DE&coupon_code=2k22

The parameters that can be passed are:-

👉 ?customer_id={specific customer ID}
Lets you prefill all the data on the checkout page associated with a particular customer.

👉 ?first_name={value}

👉 ?last_name={value}

👉 ?email={email address}

👉 ?country={country code}

👉 ?state_code={state code as per selected country}

👉 ?month={01-12}

👉 ?year={2022-2042}

👉 ?quantity={quantity}

👉 ?coupon_code={coupon code}

For pre-filling the custom fields, check the following post -

For embedded checkout pages:-

You can pass parameters in the URL that's with the embed code to have the information prefilled.
Default embed code:-
<script src=""></script>
Embed code with prefill parameters:-
<script src=""></script>


In multi-plan checkout page, if you want to have a particular plan selected as default:-

If you're offering more than one plan on a single checkout page URL through multi-plan feature, you can pass a parameter in the multi-plan URL to have a plan selected as default. The parameter is:

?preferred_plan=(plan id)

Normal multi-plan URL:

Multi-plan URL with preferred plan parameter:

For having addons selected as default on the checkout page and selecting addon quantity:-

You can sell additional products with your base plan by creating addons and offering this on the checkout page. Now if you want to keep these addons selected as default, you can pass the following parameter in the checkout page URL. Also, the quantity of the addons can be selected by passing the parameter. The parameter is:

"?preferred_addon={addon ID}&preferred_addon_quantity={units}"

You can have multiple addons selected by separating addon ID by commas.

Normal checkout page URL:

Checkout page URL with preferred addon parameter:,6173b6eceb416e511a803432&preferred_addon_quantity=2,3&fbclid=IwAR2tYswzVXVWcti-vwao7dSxyAl5i1pU9oiv_NX2a21hI08C9u6FXGL2TKE
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