Return One File in Dropbox


Is there a way to search for a file in Dropbox and have it only return on file? As of now, it looks like if there are multiple files with the same something in their filenames, it will return a list of files. I would like it to only return one file it finds within a folder with the query.


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Hey @vannemic

In the Query field of the DropBox action step, if you pass the exact name of the file it will get the single file name.

But if you pass the substring of the file name then it will not bring the single file, it will show all file names with it.

So, for your concern, you should pass the exact name instead.


Hi. Yes, however, I am wanting Pabbly to randomly choose a file from the folder, not all the files. For instance, if I have 3 files in a folder called "Video 1," Video 2," and "Video 3," and I put in the term "video" for the search, I would want it to return one of those files, not all of them. This is something that Zapier, Make, and Integrately all do, so I was not sure why Pabbly does not have this function. Thanks!