RSS failing to get image



I'm trying to fetch an RSS feed ( The latest post has many images, including a thumbnail, but Pabbly is failing to see any. When I run this through MonitoRSS it picks up the image no problem.

Why is Pabbly's RSS trigger not picking up images?
I am having a similar image, for me multiple images I get none, but If I only have one image it works! I need to post multiple images and still work. Might be work you seeing if it works with just one image.... I realise you want multiple but it will help narrow down the issue


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Hey @usedlorries

The technical team has verified that we do not presently allow fetching photos and tags using RSS integration. This need has been noticed, and we should support it when we update the RSS integration in the future. As soon as we start supporting this, we'll let you know.


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We have made changes to the RSS trigger and you will now be able to fetch the Images as shown below: