Single Sign-On for Pabbly Subscriptions’ Client Portal

Single Sign-On (SSO) for Pabbly Subscriptions’ Client Portal

When you have to integrate Pabbly Subscriptions with some other SaaS application, it will be laborious for you (merchant) and your customers to manage client portal login credentials.

Pabbly Subscriptions offers a Single Sign-On feature that enables your customers to seamlessly log in to their respective portals.

As a merchant, all you have to do is, pass the customer ID at the time of customer sign-up. Check out this API-
Pabbly Subscriptions Client Portal session API

This will create a login database in your own application/website and also in Pabbly Subscriptions. Rest will be handled by the backend process.
Your customer will now be able to access the client portal (without having to log in separately) via your own application itself.

Suppose, Joseph is selling a product – FormGet and managing its billing with the help of Pabbly Subscriptions.

Now if a customer wants to purchase Joseph’s product then Joseph faces a problem where he has to provide two separate login credentials to his customer. One for FormGet (which he’s selling) and the other for Pabbly Subscriptions Client Portal (via which he’s managing the billings of his products).

But the Single Sign-On feature can solve this problem. Joseph will have to use the Client Portal API in his application (FormGet) at the time of the customer sign-up process. So, as soon as the customer purchases a FormGet plan and signs up, Client Portal API will come into effect and pass the customer ID to Pabbly Subscriptions.

This will automatically create a Client Portal login credential for the customer as soon as he has signed up for the product, FormGet.Now, once the customer enters into the FormGet application, he can access his Client Portal without having to log in separately. Please note that the client portal button/link will be displayed accordingly by Joseph in the FormGet application.

Checkout the Step-by-step video tutorial on how to set up client portal SSO in Pabbly Subscription Billing.
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Hi! Is there anyway that you could show how you actually set up a button/link on a external site triggering the SSO for Pabbly subscription center? What I am trying to do is create a way, a function where a client inside Upcoach(dot)com can access their customer portal at Pabbly (having paid for the service there) from a one-click action.
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