Trigger issues in working with clickfunnels


I have set up the following two webhooks for one funnel.

Webhook1 Events: contact_created
Webhook2 Events: purchase_created

Because there are optin-form and purchase-form in this funnel.

But when the cusotmer purchase item, not only Webhook2 but also Webhook1 is triggered.

Is it possible to prevent Webhook1 from triggering when a Purchase occurs?

Fagun Shah

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Check if you can use any information coming in like event type to setup filter as 2nd step in both the workflows.

So each workflow will only execute for its respective purposes only.


Thank you for your reply.

I know of that setup, but even then, it leaves a History that Webhook1 was triggered when the Purchase occurred, which is cumbersome when reviewing the records.

Is it a clickfunnels specification that Webhook1 is also triggered when a Purchase occurs, or is there nothing we can do about it?


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Hey @Hisashi

Yes, Clickfunnels sends all the response type data on every webhook, though to avoid this you need to use the "Filter" action step and pass the unique event data which are independent of each event data type.