Unable to add contact in sendinblue

Im setting up a workflow from razorpay(a payment gatewway) to sendinblue. When anyone successfully makes a payment in razor pay, his/her email from the payment page (which he/she entered manually) is to be added to my sendinbule contact list.
but when I send a test request for the same, I get the following (screenshots below) and there is no contact added in my list.
For my contact list in sendinblue, I have these attributes by default:
(Attribute name) --> (Attribute type)
EMAIL --> text
LAST NAME --> text
FIRST NAME --> text
SMS --> text
These attributes in sendinblue's contact lists are always present and cannot be removed.

I need help on how to resolve this issue


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    Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 11.38.41 AM.png
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Do you have an update for this? Does workflow > Razorpay Payments captured > Add contacts to Sendinblue> works. ?


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Hey @Mithun

Watch the first part of the video on how you can capture the payment in Razorpay.

And refer to the last part of the video to add the contact to SendinBlue.