Update in Stripe Payment method

We have recently bought a few changes in the Payment information section with Stripe. From now on, the fields will not be shown on the checkout page. Instead, the user will fill in all the details and select Stripe as a payment gateway. Then he will click "Checkout" and a popup will show up containing the fields to put the card details. Clicking on "Pay now" the customer will complete his purchase.

Refer to the image given below.


Also, to pay in any currency other than INR(Indian Rupees), a non-Indian billing address is required. That means a Non-INR transaction in India should have shipping/billing addresses outside India.

More info here: https://stripe.com/docs/india-accept-international-payments


Is it possible to change "Stripe" to Credit Card" as not all our users know Stripe is a credit card.

Vipin Mishra

Hello There!

We would like to inform you that you can change the Name of the Payment Gateway from Stripe to the name you want according to your requirement through the Integration settings.



I am not seeing this pop-up on my checkout when Stripe is clicked. My product has a 30-day free trial. Does this pop-up only show if payment is to be taken straight away? The issue is now people can sign up for a subscription without entering card details.

Edit: What if a customer clicks "checkout", then aborts before entering card details? They get unexpectedly signed up for a subscription...

It is a shame you have changed this, it worked fine before.


Also, why does it say "pay now"? If they are signing up to a free trial, they are not paying now.
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Vipin Mishra

Hello Sking,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We would like to inform you that the Stripe has made some changes in their Payment Gateway Integration and therefore we brought these changes due to security reasons and also we are working on some necessary changes so we will update you about the changes once we will inculcate these changes on our system.