Updating just one cell in a google sheet for the corresponding row, when input is triggered via telegram.


As in the heading. I'm making a booking flow linked between telegram and google sheets.
The flow here is :

A set of data is collated in the sheet, let's say till column P.
A trigger is sent to the telegram bot with the details mentioned.
A user says "YES" for the data.
This "YES" has to be captured in the next cell for the same row entry, in column Q.
Once YES is captured, another trigger is sent for SMS on a phone number in the same row, else no SMS will be triggered.

How can this be achieved?


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Hey @blitz92

In order to make the desired Workflow, please refer to the below screenshots and follow the steps in your Workflow.

Also, you can refer to the following videos for a better understanding:


Do let us know if you get stuck in any step, so we can help you.