Variable Products


Hello, I understand PSB is designed to sell subscriptions. I am not sure if we can sell variable products? I am thinking of selling my woocommerce products through PSB so that I can use this affiliate module as well.



You can sell any products using Pabbly Subscription Billing by simply creating plans so that a checkout page will be generated that can be used to sell the subscriptions & can collect payments using more than 20+ integrated payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay & many more. For instance, please check the below links that will help to understand the working of the software.
Starting Guide -
Video Tutorial -

Also, PSB has open Webhooks & APIs that supports all kind of integration with other websites/application. Below are the sample docs -
Webhooks -
APIs -

Further, we would like to know exactly what products you want to sell using PSB so we can assist you accordingly.