Webhook Sending Guide

Webhook is an HTTP callback or simple “event-notification” via HTTP POST. Events are broadly categorized into 6 types in Pabbly Subscriptions. The Webhook is triggered when the below-listed event(s) is triggered-

1. Customer Events

  • Customer Create – When a customer is created.
  • Customer Delete – When a customer is deleted.

2. Subscription Events

  • Subscription Create - When the new subscription is created. This webhook will be triggered for both successful and failed payments.
  • Subscription Activate - When the payment is successful and the payment is received by the merchant. This webhook will only be sent on the first subscription of the customer. It will not be sent on each recurring subscription.
  • Subscription Upgrade - When a subscription is upgraded.
  • Subscription Renew - When a subscription is renewed.
  • Subscription Downgrade - When a subscription is downgraded.
  • Subscription Cancel - When a subscription is canceled.
  • Subscription Expire - When a subscription is expired.
  • Subscription Delete - When a subscription is deleted.
  • Subscription Cancel Scheduled - When a subscription cancellation is scheduled for the end of the current billing cycle.
  • Subscription Trial Expired - When a subscription’s trial expires.

3. Payment Events

  • Successful Payments – When a payment is received by the merchant.
  • Payment Failure – When there is an error in processing payments at the time of purchase.
  • Payment Refund – When a customer asks for a refund and the merchant processes the refund for that particular sale.

4. Invoice Events

  • Create Invoice – When an invoice is created.
  • Pending Invoice – When an invoice is pending as the recurring subscription fee is not received.
  • Dunning Invoice – When an invoice is in a dunning state as the subscription fee is overdue.

5. Credit​

  • Create Credit – When a credit is created.
  • Close Credit – When a credit is closed.

6. Affiliate​

  • Commission Create – When a commission is created.
  • Affiliate Request – Whan an affiliate request is made.
While these are the available Webhooks that Pabbly Subscriptions support, a lot more are in the development phase.
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