Whatsapp cloud API responses to Google Sheets


In my PABBLY CONNECT workflow "WhatsApp to GSheets", My google sheets gets updated wenever there's a response to my automated number.

Whenever I receive a response from an automated system, I receive more than two rows, which means more paid tasks are being consumed. Could you please help me fix this?


Could you plz explain the detailed steps, where to include FILTER ACTION step & which number to manually enter? (i mean at which point this filter actions step shud be included)

Kunal Valuskar

Staff member
Hey @krishi.somanna

We have checked your workflow and found that your automation WhatsApp to Google Sheets is failing because you are not fetching the correct data in the Date and time formatter and because of this your workflow is not getting executed correctly. Kindly recapture the webhook response and then kindly map the correct data and time in the time formatter and then try the same scenario.


Hi I tried with creating new workflow "WhatsApp to GSheets 2" Its adding up the new rows unnecessarily. Can someone help me IN DETAIL....?

This is very irritating, no immediate customer support or call support... I dont want 91 to appear infront of the 10 digit phone. How do i do tat? I need the complete workflow... Can some one call me on 9916158966 ???? So that i can create the workflow in 2 mins..instead of wasting 3 to 5 days ... ($49*81=₹3969/4 days=₹530 loss). Two or 3 times of this communication, 12 days gone.... ₹1500 gone..

Its like i m working for automation to work.Not the other way round.....No HELP immediately from PABBLY.. doesnt make sense of this. Looks like we wud rather pay premium & go for ZAPIER. Tats where their standards are... PERFECTION.