whatsapp cloud api template message not working, giving error TEMPLATE NAME REQUIRED


Trying to create a workflow to send template messages fromgoogle sheeets through whatsapp cloud api. I have connected the API successfully but at the placeholder TEMPLATE NAME (required) when I fill hello_world as template name and try to save and send test request. it gives me error message "(#100) The parameter template['name'] is required." what I feel is at the placeholder template name I am unable to map TEMPLATE NAME or any other data such as language and template ID. aI don't know how can I do that. please let me know the process

SCREENSHOT is attached


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Hey @chaitany

We looked into your workflow and it seems like you haven't connected your cloud API correctly or the template which you are passing doesn't exist or might not be approved by the Meta.

Kindly cross-check your cloud API correctly and then try again.