Where are Polling Trigger Errors Logged?

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1. Pabbly Connect polls Trigger API endpoint based on schedule as shown on the Trigger Application. It can vary from every 10 minutes to upto every 8 hours depending upon the application you are using.


2. When the Polling trigger runs on schedule. We do an API call to the external software (Facebook Lead Ads as shown in the screenshot) to check for any new data.

3. At the time of doing the check, if any error is encountered with the HTTP Status code > 4XX and the same happens twice in two subsequent checks from the trigger API response, we log that error in the workflow task history and temporarily pause the relevant workflow to avoid any further checks.

4. We log the polling error in a given day one time at our end and an email is triggered with error response to the user to troubleshoot their trigger app in the workflow and then re-enable it.

5. The possible reasons for the error might be associated with the expiry of the trigger app authentication token or missing permissions.

6. By next day, if the workflow is already re-enabled. The checks will happen again. And the whole process repeats all over again if the error is encountered twice in the subsequent checks again.
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