Why no answers from a proper helpdesk / helpchat?


Whenever I post questions using in-app support chat interface, I never get acknowledgement or responses. There is also no dedicated support desk with ticketing based support in Pabbly.

This forum or the facebook group are too public to discuss one's own business model driven queries. Please confirm how to get 1-1 support.


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I just posted a question in the private discussions because my question (and pictures) had api mentioned. Then you get answers from Pabbly alone and from the person who can respond. https://forum.pabbly.com/forums/private-discussions.27/

Many questions can also be answered by other users. Why? Because they know probably more of the integrationtool you use. Pabbly knows alot of Pabbly and api. They dont know much about Plutio or ........
You might not agree, but I rather have this then chats because that messes me when I use the tool.