Wise Account statements GET to POST in Google Drive or email to:

Hi team, I need to create a custom API with Wise. I found on their website this:
curl -X GET https://api.sandbox.transferwise.tech/v1/profiles/{profileId}/balance-statements/{balanceId}/statement.json? intervalStart=2018-03-01T00:00:00.000Z&intervalEnd=2018-03-15T23:59:59.999Z&type=COMPACT \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <your api token>"

But I can't really understand what is header, label, etc. I watched your video on weather forecast (RapidAPI) but this format seems less friendly. I need a bit of help.
My workflow idea starts with Schedule (it's easy)---->then GET (I am unable to setup the WISE API parameters)---->then will be POST to GDrive

I want each X date of the month to grab those multicurrency statements and share them with my accountant. I based my research on what I couldread here:
Wise API Guidelines
I know I will have to change the sandbox with live production endpoint.

I saw several similar requests, I hope this can help other users.


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Hey @andreafondmorti

If your API supports the query parameters in the API endpoint URL then you have to make the apartments dynamic by putting it into double curly braces.

You have the parameters which you have used in the endpoint URL, you have to set that too in the "Set Parameter" section and map the required and correct values.