Woo Commerce New Order returns rest_invalid_json

I am creating a new order in Woo Commerce with data from Regfox. My data is coming through correctly from RegFox. I am able to pull a list of orders from Woo Commerce and that works. I am able to create a new customer fine in Woo Commerce. But with the same connection information I cannot create a new order, it sends back a JSON error. I have reduced my order creation to the bare minimum of data, only the required fields and it makes no difference. I have played around with different values all the ways I can think of but always the same response.
Message : "Invalid JSON body passed."
Data Status: 400
Data Json Error Code: 3
Data Json Error Message: Control character error, possibly incorrectly encoded
I have tried changing my input data many different ways and no change.
Thank you for any help.


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Hey @raising_ruckus

Kindly pass the Customer Id in the "Customer Id" Field with the help of the "WooCommerce: Retrieve a Customer by Email " action step and also pass the ProductId in the ProductId field of the WooCommerce action step accordingly.