Work flow created. Instagram to Facebook Group

The photo does not appear on the post on facebook group. Only the Caption appears. The media url has also been selected. How to go about it?


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Hey @ReshmaShah07

The maximum allowed timeout in Pabbly is 15 seconds. Right now the 15 seconds is the soft limit that we output in the message.

We are currently giving everyone an additional cushion of 10 seconds on top of the 15 seconds soft limit for your APIs to respond. This gives a total of 25 seconds for your request to respond and execute.

If the response does not arrive in the overall 25 seconds then we close the connection for that action step and output the response not received in 15 seconds message.

Further, as we can see from your Facebook Group, the workflow has actually posted the content accordingly.

So, kindly reconnect the action step once and the entry again.