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    Change Expiry date of subscription

    Hi, We need to select certain subscription, where we can add days to delay expiry. This is mainly used in extension of trials. We currently create seperate plan for trials [as we dont offer trials to every subscription]
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    Possiblities of below features

    Hi, I am not able to find import from csv option for subscriptions or customers.
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    Change Expiry date of subscription

    Need a feature to change expiry date, so trials or live subscriptions could be manually extended.
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    Product shall show default tax without selecting country/state while checkout

    Our customers are indian, and while selecting country, if they intentionally/bymistake select other country, the tax does not apply and transaction is made without taxes. So when we are supposed to charge tax from every transaction, then the tax defined at item level/account levelshall be...
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    Adding staff members

    Hi, Can we add staff members in PSB, so they could also create/upgrade subscriptions?
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    Possiblities of below features

    1. is it possible to offer extra months as free add ons? Sometimes we run offer and give 2-3 months free on yearly plans. Or can we put custom subscription end date? 2. Can we change amount while creating subscription manually? I saw the field can't be changed. We can add discount coupon, but...