Possiblities of below features

1. is it possible to offer extra months as free add ons?
Sometimes we run offer and give 2-3 months free on yearly plans. Or can we put custom subscription end date?
2. Can we change amount while creating subscription manually? I saw the field can't be changed. We can add discount coupon, but that will again be fixed.
3. Can we bulk import subscriptions from csv or excel?
4. Licenses- instead of allocation of one license per users, can we allocate one license per account?
In our scenario it is one license per account.


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Hi Akshay,

Please check the solution in the below points -
1) It seems you are looking to provide billing-free months to your customers. In such type of scenarios, you can make a trial plan of any required duration wherein a customer will get free service during the trial period. For eg - Trial plan of 60 days i.e. customer can attain free service for 60 days & will be charged automatically after the trial duration.

Similarly, if you want to wave off the recurring as free month to the customer's then you will be required to wait for such a feature as our team is just about to finalize the launch for an option that will allow to pause the subscription anytime & resume it back as per the need. For more info, please check this doc - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/getting-started-guide/#section3

2) The option of changing the plan amount while creating a subscription manually is also there in the roadmap & very soon it will also be launched in Pabbly Subscription Billing.

3) Pabbly Subscription Billing allows to import Customers via CSV File. For more info, please follow this link - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/customer-import-and-export/#section2

4) In the software, the licenses are being allocated on the basis of purchase neither for a user nor account. Since, it is been associated with a plan so number of purchases for a plan will equal to number of license redemption. In short, the no. of times the plan is purchased, the same will be license distribution. To know more, please check this doc - https://www.pabbly.com/subscriptions/docs/license/

Hope the above information helps.