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    Array Help

    Hi Guys, Re Workflow Name: TEST - CLEAN DONE URL: I am using a webhook trigger which receives an array of URL file locations. See here: I now want to add all the file locations in the array...
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    Airtable error

    Hi Guys, I am getting an error on one of my fields which caused Airtable not to create a record. The value being sent is: 0.00 I tried setting Airtable column to Allow negative numbers, but it still didn't help. Settings in Airtable for the column: PC Data IN: PC Data OUT: Workflow...
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    Airtable issue with fields

    Thank you!! All resolved. :)
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    Airtable issue with fields

    Thanks for the reply. But that doesn't solve the issue. The value that is being inserted into that field is not always a number. It can also be multi-character. Example of values: 12345 OR 12av12 OR ac-1324-avad-a12 As per the example value, I am using a Single Line Text Type which should not...
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    Pabbly Connect Experts and Consultants

    1. Name: Mike Aubor 2. BigInvestor 2. Email: in[email protected] 3. Language: English 4. Expert in automations, software integrations, workflows, business processes and strategies.
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    Airtable issue with fields

    Hi Guys, I am trying to create records in Airtable and having an issue with Single Line Text field types. I either get an error, or the value is inserted with quotes. See the following 2 tests. Issue test 1: In PC, I have the Single Line Text field with no quotes around the field value...
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    Bug - Spreadsheet Formula

    Resolved. Thank you!
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    Bug - Spreadsheet Formula

    Hi Guys, I am running the following Spreadsheet Formula: So basically, if any of the following values are true, then the result is 203, everything else is 810. - RSH29 - RSH41 - RSH43 When I run a test, the formula shows that the result is true and should be 203. But the result coming back...