Action: Google Sheets Add New Row

I have a Google Sheet where column D already has a value (formula based on column B).

I'd like Pabbly to add a new row to the new sheet based on a new submission from Question Scout.

At the moment Pabbly is succesfully adding new rows, but starting where column D doesn't have a value.

I want it to add the new submissions but on the rows where I already added the formula in column D.

How do I achieve this?


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Hey @robbiereyes

Your usecase is not clear at the moment, so can you elaborate on your usecase once along with the name of the workflow in which you are implementing the same?
I am also trying to achieve the same but not able to find any solution yet.

I have a formula added in the column D where it determines the lead quality based on the values in Column B & C.

But whenever Pabbly adds a new row it starts from the row that doesn't have any value/formula added in Column D.

I want to add new row/value only to Column A to C using Pabbly and Column D should be formula based.

How can I build this?


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Hey @sagar_mondal

We request our users to not use any kind of formulas or any filter with ImportRange in their Google Sheets to trigger the workflow. Since it might affect the incoming data with the app script.

So, kindly pass the proper data in their Google Sheet to the trigger column manually or from 3rd party application.
Probably you got me wrong. I am not using Google sheet trigger. I am using the action "add new row" where I want to add the value in those rows which already has some formulas in Column D.