Add person to Google calendar appt upon purchase

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I have a workflow that adds someone to Keap and tags them appropriately after they purchase a product via Thrivecart (ASE enrollment in Thrivecart to Keap and GCal). I want to also add them to an existing appointment in my Google calendar.

I created a step to get the GCal appointment and another to add a new person to the invite. But each time someone new registers, it wipes out the current guests for that appointment.

I've had to manually re-add all the attendees each time someone new registers, which is irritating my attendees. So I had to delete the two GCal steps until I could get some help from you about how to set this up correctly. Any suggestions?


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Hey @emeraldlake

Can you please share the name of the workflow, also did you try the "Google Calendar: Search and Add Guests to an Event" action step?

Sorry for the slow reply. I'm just getting back to trying this again since it was such a mess the last event we did. The name of the workflow is "ASE enrollment in ThriveCart to Keap and GCal." I was using Add Guests to an Event, not "Search and Add Guests to an Event." So, will the latter action just add people to an existing event instead of wiping out the current attendee list?
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