Adding "Create a Database Item" task and a Google Calendar example of the need

Good day!

I'm trying to connect my Google Calendar with Notion, it can be done right now via Zapier, but not via Pabbly Connect, as right now the Notion integration is working partially, let me explain...

Notion has two kind of contents:
- Fixed content (not filterable with different views) - For example: Pages
- Dynamic content (filterable in all the different views). - For example: Database Items

Right now Pabbly Connect allow us to create Fixed content with the task "creating pages", but it's needed the "Create Database Item" to create Dynamic content.

In my case, I'm trying to create a Database Item in Notion each time a new event is created, modified, or erased in Google Calendar, something like this:


This can be done with Zapier using the "Create Database Item":


But it's not currently possible with Pabbly Connect, because is only possible to "Create a Page" but not a "Database Item"

When reading the forum, I see a lot of questions like mine unsolved because the user is not explaining why is not possible right now, so I hope the explanation on the fixed (pages) and dynamic (database items) would help the community and developers to add the integration of allowing us to "Create a database item"

Thank you so much for reading!
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Hey @codavidgarcia

We have made some changes in the Notion action event as per your requirement, kindly review that up and let us know how it works for you.