Can we connect a single Google Sheet to multiple workflows?


I have a requirement where I want to integrate different workflows from a single Google Sheet. By using different trigger columns.
But Seems it's not possible.

My Current Structure is:
Workflow 1:
google forms --> google sheet 1 -->whatsapp-cloud-api (template msg)

Workflow 2:
Replies-from-people-over-WhatsApp-API--> new google sheet 2

Workflow 3:
Add manual reply into google sheet 2 --> capture this manual reply from google sheet 2 and send text msg to people who replied to me using WhatsApp-API

as you can see I need to integrate google Sheets 2 with two workflows.
Can You please guide me on how to do it?


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Hey @Ajit

Yes, you cannot connect multiple workflows from your single workflow.

But you can use the "Data Forwarded" action step at the last step to forward the same webhook response to another workflow.