Can't get responses :(


Dear experts! I cant able to get any responses. I have integrated the webhook with google sheets and mark the trigger and also i have ticked the option "Send on Event". Kindly help me to resolve this issue..


Salai, try maunally enterting data, or copying a previous row. I am having a similar issue where data given to the sheet via another api is not working - new rows are not being collected by the Pabbly trigger. Yet, when I copy a row and paste it to make a new row, Pabbly is triggered. It is also triggered if I maunally type data in the row - it is triggered when I reach the final row specified in the webhook plugin.

See if it is the same for you!
Hi! Yes.. the same kind of issue happens to me also... Tech people of Pabbly should look after this issue.. Is there any customer service number available to contact them?


Please read the Google Sheets troubleshooting guide here.