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Capture SMS Consent in Klaviyo

I'm sending Manychat Data to Klaviyo via Pabbly Webhook - All the data is being passed successfully but it's not subscribing to the SMS Consent.
It's asking for the SMS Consent Timestamp and Pabbly Connect is not offering any such option to map the data to make it work - I'm open to your feedback & the solution...!!

Here are some resources that might help:-
1. https://community.klaviyo.com/lists-segments-and-profiles-35/sms-consent-timestamp-via-csv-3092
2. https://developers.klaviyo.com/en/d...rties#:~:text=When adding an event or,mmmmmm
3. https://community.klaviyo.com/sms-7...nd-age-gated-dob-properties-not-showing-10766


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Hey @riturajshandilyaofficial !

Can you please confirm if you are looking for a field by the name "SMS Consent Timestamp" in the Klaviyo action event "Add/Update Subscriber to List"?

So accordingly we can check it with the tech team if possible or not.
Hey @Subin,

Although the phone number is passed successfully, It's still asking for SMS Consent inside Klaviyo and Manychat takes care of it when it asks for the Phone Number as they opt-in the user automatically inside Manychat.

Now when I'm passing the data from Manychat to Pabbly via Google Sheets and then to Klaviyo - It's not subscribing to the SMS part and There is no opt-in consent option inside Pabbly where I'm sharing it with Klaviyo that we already have user consent and so we can't map the data too...!!

In the article above, it says you've to pass SMS Consent Timestamp and I'm also passing it through custom properties but still, it's not working. There is no such field available inside Pabbly with the name "SMS Consent Timestamp" from where we can map the data.

Lmk if this part can be fixed or not. I look forward to hearing from you.

I encountered one more issue with pabbly that even I'm not passing the phone number now. It's automatically fetching phone numbers inside Klaviyo and I don't know why because now we've decided not to push the phone number but still it's pushing. I tried changing the API Keys too but it didn't worked...!!