Clarifications needed on Pabbly Lifetime Deal

Came across Pabbly Connect Life Time Deal Ad.

Would be helpful if you could clarify the following questions so that I can decide on the purchase

1) There is a mention on Unlimited Internal tasks....and the credits are charged only for external app triggers....what does that mean???
Does that mean that automation within Pabbly infra like using Forms etc are UNLIMITED?

2) Does the Life Time Deal of Pabbly Connect also covers UNLIMITED Usage of tools like Pabbly Form Builder? I am keen on the Form Builder feature of PAbbly and need this clarification too

Kindly help with this info so that I can plan accordingly

With Gratitude


Staff member
1. Any action being performed inside your workflow is considered a task. Triggers are not calculated in the tasks. Only the action steps are calculated in the task counts. Additionally, internal tasks of the Pabbly Connect such as Filter, Router, Formatter, etc are not counted as a task.

For example: If you send one lead from Facebook Lead Ad to MailChimp. It will be counted as a single task. If you have a multi-step automation workflow, it will be counted depending upon the number of action steps. For example: If you send one lead from Facebook Lead Ad to MailChimp and then sent the same lead to Google Sheets. It will be counted as 2 tasks. Know more about the task here -

2. Further Pabbly Connect is a separate product, and you will not have access to other products of Pabbly like Pabbly Form Builder, Pabbly Subscription Billing, Pabbly Email Verification, and Pabbly Email Marketing. You need to purchase them separately.

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