Delay function - in the scale of "second"


Hi, just would like to request to see if it would be possible to include the scale of "second" for delay.

The reason is that like Airtable, they can't delay the automation, therefore, to ensure enough time for sync of data before triggering, need to use Pabbly as a bridge. However, 1 minutes would be too long and it wld be great to be able to make it 20 - 30 seconds.

Hope the situation is being discribed clearly above.

Awaiting your promising reply.



Fagun Shah

Well-known member
Pabbly Connect does not support delay in seconds for now, but you can use code module like below given screenshot(23000 means 23 seconds, max is 24000)



Hi Fagun, Why the max is 24000? Is it a limit set by Pabbly Server?The reason I ask is that I would like to perform a task based on waiting time in the scale of second, which could be over 1 minutes but want it to be executed in the dimension of second.