Discord trigger still not available?


There was an older post in this forum since March saying Discord was in the process of approval. I've just checked now and there's still no trigger for Discord. Could we the users do something to help speeding up the process?
I have communities on Discord which need loads of trigger. Kind of a deal or no when it comes to purchasing Pabbly connect. Would love to hear from the Admins about this, thank you :)


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Hey @etding

We have already built-up the integration with Discord. We have requested to verify our bot, and as per their review we are receiving an inorganic growth error. Although, we have examined our bot's guild membership and found that our users are genuinely using Discord and are totally organic.

So, you can also post the concern to their community to approve our bot at their end, so that we can publish the Discord trigger and action event in live environment.