error while running automated whatsapp. No clue what this means. Anyone can help?


"error > code": 429,
"error > message": "Quota exceeded for quota metric \u0027Write requests\u0027 and limit \u0027Write requests per minute per user\u0027 of service \\u0027 for consumer \u0027project_number:1011300378975\u0027.",
"error > status": "RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED",
"error > details > 0 > @type": "",
"error > details > 0 > reason": "RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED",
"error > details > 0 > domain": "",
"error > details > 0 > metadata > consumer": "projects/1011300378975",
"error > details > 0 > metadata > service": "",
"error > details > 0 > metadata > quota_limit": "WriteRequestsPerMinutePerUser",
"error > details > 0 > metadata > quota_metric": ""


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Hey @srikant16

As we can see from your shown error, you have exhausted your rate limit to pass the request to write data per minute by "Google Sheets: Update Value".


Google API documentation for the error which you have got.


Moreover, you are also running the tasks in bulk and because of that, the error has occurred by the Google API. So, we should suggest you to us a delay action step to delay the task to run after 1 min after every update of value, in that way you wouldn't be exhausting your rate limit.

(Add this action step before the "Update Cell Value" action step)