Error with Aweber API (Randomy Access Token Invalid or Has Expired) - Happening on 1 in 20 requests


This is happening randomly, like 1 in 20 or 1 in 30 requests I get:

The response received from the AWeber app is shown below:
Error DescriptionThe access token is invalid or has expired

Obviously, its wrong as the token would not work at all if that were the case.

Please get Pabbly engineers to investigate and repair this issue.

I think you should have a requests per second and a requests per minute rate throttle choice as well (not just wait X # of minutes) so we can slow down the speed, i.e. if we want to send 3000 users to pabbly and only have 1 user per second APId to a service and a total of 49 per minute so their API does not complain that would be helpful vs rate limiting to pabbly only so pabbly can properly rate limit to the provider.



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Hey @cpabble

The rate limit of API was decided by the application itself, Pabbly cannot restrict the process.

Further, as we can see from your workflow, you are receiving the webhook response multiple times from the triggering application.

So, kindly pass the data from your trigger in a slow manner, since the action event whcih you are having has a certain rate limit from their API.