false error? In Facebook Lead Ads > New Lead


Hello, I have received an email saying that a workflow has been deactivated due to an error when using the trigger: "Facebook leads Ads > New lead".
The trigger error that has reached us in the mail is the following:
{"error":{"code":1,"message":"An unknown error occurred"}}

So I have reactivated the workflow and I have done a test, and it has completed correctly.

We have reviewed the leads on facebook, and they are the same ones that we saved through pabbly connect.

My question is, can I know why I get the error? Will it happen again? If this error is not causing us to lose any data, isn't there a way to prevent it from being disabled?


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Hey @weblmap

You can review the error message in the Facebook API documentation by following the instructions below. Perhaps you did not authorize your Lead Ad correctly while connecting or you made changes to your Lead Ad form.