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Find all Google Calendar events tomorrow with a certain word


Every day, I want my workflow to find all Google Calendar events tomorrow which have [certain word] in description.

What is the best way to do this?

- When I choose "Search Events", I can only search for a string, not a timeframe. This will search for [certain word] in the whole of the calendar (I presume) which will find thousands of entries - certainly, the workflow goes incredibly slowly when this is set. I can then filter to a timeframe with Router but there would only be one Route and this doesn't seem very intuitive or efficient. It also (I think) only finds one entry and then stops.

- When I choose "Get All Events", again it will find all the events in the calendar, and the workflow is slow again and must have a high overhead on Pabbly's resource too. too. I then have to filter on timeframe and [certain word] in the Router. Again, I think it also only finds one entry and then stops.

What would be ideal is if Search Events could search in a timeframe and apply the following actions to all results it finds. Or is there another route I am missing?


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Hey @wibbler

Can you briefly tell us what filter condition you wanted to use in your workflow to get the specific Google Events from your calendar?


I want to find all events in my calendar that have a date of TOMORROW and have a certain text string.

Then, I want to extract the email address from the description of each one it finds (I know how to do this), and send an email to each one (at the moment, I think I can only act on one of the instances it finds).

Even "find all events in my calendar that have a date of TOMORROW" seems hard currently, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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Hey @wibbler

Please check out the following screenshot for your above filter condition which you can use in your workflow.




This sadly is not resolved, as Pabbly cannot find more than (i think) 250 events at a time. The search you describe finds more than 250 events, and so does not reach the events that I need, and anyway is not a very efficient way to search!

This really is turning into a feature request - can you add functionality on "Search Events" to search a Timeframe?
For example, find all events tomorrow (which is my use case?) so I can send out a pre-event email.
Or another use case is: find all events that happened yesterday (so that I can send an after-event email).

I'm moving from Automate.io - what they do is scan for events, and then allow me to specify a certain number of minutes before or after an event in the workflow. Zapier also allow this.


@wibbler Just added the requested action in the Google Calendar application.


Could you please try that and let us know your feedback.