forward message from Telegram to discord


Hey Subin,

I m writing you from a different account...]Re:[## 454238 ##]

The problem is when I want to forward the message from telegram to discord , a new group needs to created.
In this case I can't add my channel to the group to be able to forward this to my discord account.

Also Is it possible to foward messages from private channel directly to my discord channel? I'm not admin of the channel but I'm a member so i have access.

Thank you

Thanks for contacting Pabbly support.

Yes, the use case which you have mentioned is possible to execute with us.

Also, to make it work, you need to be the admin of the channel or group then only it will work for you.

Here is a video tutorial for reference on how it works with us-

We would suggest you to create a workflow by making a free account in Pabbly by taking the help from the above video tutorial and checking if it works for you or not.

A free account consists of 100 free ask which can be utilized till they get exhausted. If needed we can provide you with the additional task for testing.

Do let us know if you get stuck in any step, so we can check it for you.

Hope, we have mentioned your query

Best Regards