Getting Error "url should represent a valid URL"



I am getting error message "(#100) url should represent a valid URL", whenever I am trying to auto post on my FB pages. Refer attached screenshot for error message.

My workflow was: Whenever I posted any image on my Insta account and it have some specific words than it must auto post on my FB Page (DNo Kurtis and UL Kurtis).

Please suggest me a suitable solution.


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Kunal Valuskar

Staff member
Hey @jkachhara

Kindly name the workflow in which you are having such an issue.

Further, follow the steps below in order to fix your concern if your mapping got disrupted:

1. Hard Refresh the workflow by pressing (Ctrl +F5).
2. Re-map the corrupted fields in the action steps.
3. Save the step and test your workflow

Let me know if the issue persists.