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Glideapps API [POST]


Dear Support Community would like to get some support how we could set up an Pabbly API call to update the Glideapps platform API. The follow is the syntax. The following is a Post method.

curl --request POST 'https://api.glideapp.io/api/function/mutateTables' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer a34d88da-e888-47c1-8b08-c8f806614f31' \
--data-raw '{
"appID": "FTtT42VoIyCCsjehakdeee",
"mutations": [
"kind": "set-columns-in-row",
"tableName": "FAMILY",
"columnValues": {
"column1": "StudentID",
"Basic Info": "FamilyInfo/FamilyMemberName",
"column3": "FamilyInfo/NRIC/FIN",
"Family Member Photo": "FamilyInfo/Photo",
"column4": "FamilyInfo/Gender",
"column5": "FamilyInfo/Date of Birth",
"column7": "FamilyInfo/Country",
"column8": "FamilyInfo/Residency",
"column9": "FamilyInfo/Race",
"column6": "Student/Relationship",
"Account Info": "Student/Type",
"Contact Info": "Contact/MobileNo",
"column11": "Contact/FamilyMemberEmail",
"column12": "Contact/ResidentialAddress",
"column13": "Contact/PostalCode",
"column14": "ParentalAccessRights",
"column17": "Alerts/ReceiveFeedAlertviaEmail",
"column18": "Alerts/ReceiveFeedAlertviaWhatsapp",
"column19": "Source",
"column20": "TimeStamp/WhenUpdated",
"Who edited?": "TimeStamp/WhoUpdated",
"Email edited?": "TimeStamp/EmailUpdated",
"column21": "TimeStamp/WhoCreated",
"Created Date": "TimeStamp/WhenCreated",
"Created By": "TimeStamp/EmailCreated",
"Family Member System ID": "JSON/FamilyMemberGUIDID",
"JSON/Student GUID ID": "JSON/StudentGUIDID",
"Contact/Whatsapp No": "Contact/WhatsappNo",
"CreateUserRoWIDForAddFamilyMember": "AddFamily/AddFamilyUserRowID",
"Alerts/ReceiveAttendanceAlertviaWhatsapp": "Alerts/AttendanceAlertviaWhatsapp",
"AddFamily/AddFamilyUserID": "AddFamily/CurrentGUIDPointingtoNewFamily"
"rowID": "ROW-ID"

Any support is highly appreciated.


Please share the workflow URL and the API documentation for the same.
Dear Supreme!
Thanks for your prompt response!

Documentation: https://www.glideapps.com/docs/reference/data-sources/glide-tables-api-for-beginners

Pabbly WorkFlow: Update Glide Family Row

Hope the above helps. Appreciate!


Well-known member
Staff member
Kindly use the "Custom Request" of the API by Pabbly action step to pass the JSON of the API request.

Make sure you are passing the complete and correct Bearer Token along with the ROW ID.