google drive file to whatsapp group


hey :)

I have a telegram group to which pdfs are being uploaded.
ive managed to connect to it and auto upload to a google drive folder whenever a new file was sent on the group.

i also created a WhatsApp business api with permanent token based on your great tutorials.

i am now interested in sending the pdfs that are saved on google drive to a whatsapp group i own but quite lost on how to perform the last part.

i am only able to send a simple text message to a direct phone number using the business api.

what should i use in order to send files (pdfs) to my group?

*used to work with chat-api which is deprecated :(


Kunal Valuskar

Staff member
Hey @amitleb

You can use the Send Template Message action inside Pabbly and can send pdf files to the users.


Kindly check the below video for creating a template for whatsapp API.