Google Sheets to Instagram - Best way to add hashtags?

Michael M

Hey guys,
I have a pabbly connect workflow currently working where I can automatically send photos from Google Sheets to Instagram. However, I need help with doing captions and hashtags properly.

In my google sheets, in one cell, I have the caption first followed by 2 line breaks and then hashtags. The issue is, when this gets posted from Google Sheets to Instagram, the line breaks appear as \\n\\n and there is no formatting at all. It looks terrible.

Is there a way to stop this from happening? Ideally, it would be good to have a way to automatically post the first comment and add the hashtags there. But is there any way to post from google sheets via pabbly, to instagram and remove the html? To have the caption formatted the same way I see it in Google Sheets?

Any help would be great


Staff member
Hey @Michael M

To remove HTML from your post, it is necessary for you to include the "Text formatter" by Pabbly as an action step in your workflow.

Once added, you should select the "Replace text" option as an action event, and replace \\n\\n text with null which will enable you to remove the HTML from your content.

Please let me know if you still facing the same issue.