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Two questions:

1. I have a workflow that triggers when a product is purchased on Gumroad it then adds a customer to my Aweber email list.
The workflow works fine but I'm getting this error in my email:

Step Name: AWeber > Add Subscriber
Connection Name: AWeber #1
Task Error Detail:

"error > status": 400,
"error > message": "Invalid email address.",
"error > type": "BadRequestError",
"error > documentation_url": ""

What's wrong?

Second question, how do I select a specific Gumroad product? Right now the workflow fires if the person purchases anything from my Gumroad I guess because I haven't seen an option to pick the product when creating a workflow there was just "if sale is made on gumroad do this..."

How do I make the workflow fire only for the specific product? For example with zapier it easily shows list of my product I would like to see that here as well maybe I'm doing something wrong?